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Above all, counseling is about you. Research has shown time and time again that the most important element to your progress in therapy is our relationship and "fit". For that reason, I want us to be able to be open about how you feel things are going. I strive to help you feel understood, to respect your wishes and limits, and to offer you my expertise. Before anything else, my goal with you is to build comfortability and be a trusted, listening ear. For a multitude of issues, just that relationship and space provide great healing! As a therapist, I've also been trained in specialized ways to relate with you. Research does evolve, and some counseling techniques are hard to study. But, the following are types of evidence-based treatment and counseling that I weave into our work together:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT) - This is the gold standard of the last few decades in treating Anxiety and Depression, among other things. CBT basically involves looking at the way you automatically think about things and working on shifting those thoughts to ones that will produce a better outcome in your life.  

Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) - EMDR is a well-researched therapeutic approach to help make upsetting thoughts less upsetting and to think differently about them. There are several theories about why it works, but basically has to do with the way the brain stores traumatic memories. An EMDR session may feel different to you than other counseling because we follow a specific sequence of events. But don't worry, I'll walk you through it!

Internal Family Systems / Parts / Ego State - Have you ever felt like "A part of me thinks/feels this... but a part of me thinks/feels something else?"  This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring our minds and the way they work. Internal Family Systems an evidence-based treatment all about the multiplicity of the mind. When we access and heal all our parts, we are better able to function as a whole. Let's get curious about all those internal systems, how they got there, and what they need.

Motivational Interviewing - This also has several decades of research behind it. It involves me helping you to find areas in your life that could use a change. It can also be really helpful for anyone who isn't sure they want to come to therapy.


Mindfulness Approaches - Using mindfulness, which can involve finding moments of meditation or just shifting your mindset, is very helpful for those who experience anxiety. It has become a popular treatment in recent years. 


Faith-Based - Because counseling is all about you, faith-based counseling is all about your faith. I will encourage you to dig deeper and consider how things may be related to your spiritual life, but I will not introduce dogma or push an agenda. 

I believe those who seek will find, and it is my honor to seek with you. Faith-based approaches are on request. Let me know in your first session if your spirituality is a strength for you, or if you want it to be. 

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