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I'm a married mother of four who grew up all around the Michiana area. My mom lived on the far west side of South Bend and my dad lived in Granger. My grandparents were from the Marshall county area, although all but 1 have since passed. I attended Valparaiso University for my undergraduate degree and then completed a master's degree in counseling from Indiana University South Bend once I came home and got married. My husband and his extended family are from Mishawaka. Now I live on the east side of Mishawaka in a brick fixer-upper. In my spare time I enjoy my busy family, friends, theatre, and constant home renovation projects. My life experience includes attending plenty of therapy of my own and having close relatives in the medical and first responder communities. I've buried a child and a parent, both after long debilitating illness. My mom was a wheelchair user since before I can remember and most of my childhood was intertwined with her need for care. I remain an active person of faith, although I know all too well that for many people spiritual topics can be as triggering as helpful. My background doesn't limit my approach in working with people of all traditions and belief systems. I'm currently undergoing the certification process through EMDRIA to advance my skills in EMDR and I especially have an interest in using spirituality during EMDR as well as integrating parts work and somatic therapy. 

As far as work, I've worked for the last decade in many service roles providing long-term and short-term counseling and help in times of crisis. I've been a therapist in community mental health in Michiana, a case worker in South Bend, a family support liaison at a local hospital, and a counselor in the PHM public schools. I did love school counseling, but I wanted to do more 1:1 therapy instead of so much academic advising and scheduling. My practice has limited hours while I am busy raising young kids, and I do typically limit my clients to those struggling with something within my specialization. So that's a bit about me! I have been described as a gentle therapist, so please reach out even if you are unsure. We will go at your pace.

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